Overhaul the Health and Revive System

I've been playing the game for a long time, I think more or less since the early days. One thing that has become fairly frustrating as I've climbed to the higher levels is the total uselessness of the health and revive system. I've honestly taken to avoiding the need for either because they are so useless. I only heal or revive out of utter desperation if I'm very close to a quest finish. I typically choose my quest attempts based on can I complete this quest with my available set of hero's without needing to heal or revive.

So Suggestions:
1. Make heal and revive drops and discoveries more relevant to the level being played. Having 25 Level one heals is point less when going into Heroic and Master Level Quests. If I'm playing at that level I should be getting drops at that level 3's and 4's
2. The game seems to IMHO be providing less heals and revives than in years past...just my impression. In a good game the rate of drops should be (basing this on MMO play) just slightly less self sustaining.
3. Change heals to be percentage based, the points based system fails out at higher levels.
4. There never seem to be anywhere near sufficient heals and revives for AQ and AW quests. I'm going out on a limb and staying its not my opinion, but a fact that the game as rewarding far far less of these than in the past.


  • NikoBravoNikoBravo Posts: 202
    All level 1 health and revives should be removed or changed to level 2s.
  • They have no reason to make revives and health potions more useful for us. Some areas of the game are deliberately designed to require you to spend a ton of units to get good potions/revives, unless you are lucky enough to have some of the OP champions. Why else would they have so many degeneration, bleed, and poison effects that automatically apply? That seems to be Kabam's philosophy for making money instead of creating a game that people enjoy so much that they want to spend money just because.
  • I don't begrudge them the right to monetize the game, however I'd prefer just a bit more self-sufficiency in playing the game. Honestly I'd probably be more willing to spend a little money if the things I need (or the amount of credits for them) didn't come with $49.99 price tags. I can purchase entire games on Steam for that!
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