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  • DL864DL864 Posts: 690 ★★★
    I'm of the opinion that Kabam should address the issue of duplicity when they are maxed, especially 5*. It may not be an issue for the general populace but it's going to be an issue in a very short span of time for majority.

    Introducing 6* or issuing more 5* shards may not solve the issue in entirety. Let's not forget that a champ's ability must have a ceiling at some point. But what should be the next course of action?

    For one, I'll like to suggest a few ideas once a 5* reaches its max ability of lvl200.
    1) It unlocks customization. The awakened 5* will have one of its stars turned red from white. It will basically allow summoners to chose which inherent sig ability his champ will inherit. And once the summoner reaches another lvl200, he converts another white star to red, allowing him to unlock another customization; and so on. Let's take the example of the above , Winter Soldier. The summoner can chose either to increase fury buff or power drain buff duration.

    2) It allows/unlocks Champ Enrage timer. I've always thought the enrage timer appearing on LOL champs are somewhat punishing especially when it gets to 3rd. But it may be a very interesting idea to have maxed out 5* champs running enrage as a second layer of difficulty.

    3) it unlocks unique champ synergies. We are seeing more and more specific champ synergy and this could be another idea to consider once a 5* champ is maxed at lvl200. I don't have specific example but I'm sure game team can tinker with it

    Again, just ideas.

    That's actually a great idea
  • IrakliIrakli Posts: 138
    As been discussed earlier perhaps some form of customization like the Chinese version could be a solution to introduce some novalty.
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 762 ★★
    This game has been ending ever since someone decided to make up the " Prestige race"
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    This is literally one of the coolest games I have ever played and by far the best mobile game ever. It's just the bugs/money grabbing tactics that may bring it down in the end. Also it is tough for them to balance a game between the 'whales' and regular players which is part of it. The expert players who can intercept at will no issues are the reasons the game keeps becoming more/too difficult for the regular players. We'll see how they handle things.

    Finally a post that is not attacking kabam. I agree.
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    How about issuing a mastery point per max dupe?
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