Mastery publicity

Other players masteries should be viewable much like how their titles are. That way players such as myself who are looking for a strong set up have a source to refer to. I do understand that certain set-ups are specifically arranged to enhance certain champs or clear certain content but I still beleive that it would be useful for those looking to advance themselves.

~Those of you who read this let me know what you think and whether you agree or not! Thank you!👍


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    Rogue_PsychoRogue_Psycho Posts: 72
    Please post your opinions as well😃thanks
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    Kabam ZibiitKabam Zibiit Posts: 7,033
    Hey there, thanks for the feedback!
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    Parodical_Sun1Parodical_Sun1 Posts: 143
    I have to disagree on this one,the competitive edge is on how the player masters his or her favorite champion, what might work for someone else’s favorite champs, might not be the same setup mastery scheme that works for yours.
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