10.5 mil~AQ focused maps 4 & 5~8 openings~laid-back but active

Our average member rating is 475k only request to join if youre active and no more than 125k below that. We run maps 4 & 5 with only 2 bg's at the moment due to us only having 22 members. As we grow we will do 3 bg's instead if we can maintain it. We do require donations: 30k gold, 3k loyalty, & no battle chips. We generally score 320k in SA but that will easily increase to 400k as we rebuild. We do not demand loads of activity but do expect for members to participate in ally events and contribute regularly enough to not hold anyone else back. And as an ally we do communicate through Discord, its not fully required but it is appreciated. HMU in game as renegade2099, my ally tag is KSMLM, and you can also add my leader in game as SoonerPAC. Thank you!
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