Map 4 Corvus Mini Boss

AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
So it’s day 5 and map 4 aq Corvus Glaive mini boss is around 30k PI , 155k health and 6k attack. 4/55 doctor voodoo is unable to take him down , either times out or dies , because of strike back node , power control on sp2 is not working.

Any ideas who are excellent counters to Corvus and do we need a 5/65 champ for these bosses or we gotta use them 20% boosts only for mini bosses ?


  • Adrian920307Adrian920307 Posts: 15
  • AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
    Ok I saw a YouTube video and I think I just need to spam sp1 , only not sure what’s the difference between odd and even combo ?
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