T4CC Crystals

Has there been discussion from us summoners suggesting that Kabam makes it possible to trade in t4cc crystals and t4cc fragment crystals? With how many we accumulate and the slow process of building t2a and t5b, it would be great to have a trade in option. Maybe 10:1 for t5cc?


  • Parodical_Sun1Parodical_Sun1 Posts: 119
    Nobody is really looking into this common dilemma matter, that is why it is taking forever to rank up 4* and 5* champs without paying money or units for catalyst rank up special offers or their ISO-8 end up expiring on them because of the time limits on them, which deliberately forces the player to rank up mostly 2* and 3*,before expiring on them by the time they get to ranking up their 4* and 5*.
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 592 ★★★
    As for selling for t5cc shards, I'm guessing it will be 200 t5cc shards per t4cc, which makes it 225 t4cc for one t5cc. Doubt this will be made available in 2019, possibly next year.
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