**Weekly T4CC 10 million+ alliance looking for new recruit**

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Zova Corp is the top alliance in a family of 4 alliances. We are looking for an active player with 4900+ prestige (though we're flexible if players have an especially strong AWD and/or top notch skills.) We play AQ map 5 and 6, are tier 1/2 AW and do require weekly treasury donations. We don't often have openings as our group is an awesome bunch of people with strong leadership so jump on this opportunity! We have very few event minimums. LINE app is required. Please find Fitzpatrick9105 on LINE or contact me here or on the game user name cupkate.


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    I like your post! And your ally seems great! But question, if your in a family of 4 why do you need to recruit? Why not just pull in from the other 3?

    Bump regardless
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    Thanks @Speedbump and that's a valid question. Our family offers something for every player. We have a rest alliance, an alliance that focuses on AW, and an alliance for growing up members. Right now we have quite a few people on extended holiday or taking a break related to personal reasons so we're looking to expand our membership from outside the family
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    Bumping. Still looking for a player to join our alliance
  • cupkatecupkate Posts: 67
    Anybody interested?
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