Shorten the time of Special 3 Animation

Hi Kabam @Kabam Zibiit

It would be nice if there was something you could do about the timer when in AQ and AW while in the match. I know some people will say "Use a different champion, bait out the special or whatever". I like using my Iceman when playing in AQ against Hyperion and Morningstar as the mini boss because you have the use of his Ice armor (5% DMG). This way I can force them to their sp3 or if you are not able to bait the special for some random reason. I was at 80 % health with my Iceman and Morningstar was at 20 % and I was about to kill her and the time ran out (AQ5 Day 5). My iceman is a 5* 5/5. The issue I have here is she did her SP3 3 times because she wouldn't launch an sp1(Trying to bait). Well those 3 times wasted 39-45 seconds off the clock (Yes I did count) of the fight. I don't think SP3 should count against me if they are going to take that much time. Since it wasted 39-45 seconds of the fight the timer ran out which means I lost half my health as well. Most regular specials take on average 5 seconds. If you are going to play a 13-15 second cinematic because you feel like making it look cool(News flash. After seeing it 9 million times I don't really want to see it again.) than at least subtract 5 seconds from the timer instead of 13-15. All SP3 no matter who they are should only take off 5 seconds off the timer.

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