My Champion Idea: Shuri

Shuri has to be playable. She appeared in the infinity chaos event quest (only her textboxes were shown) so she really is in the game. Here is my idea for how Shuri should be like for the Contest.
My Champion Idea: Shuri
Class: Tech
Vibranium Equipment:
- Shuri’s clothing is made of vibranium fabrics, granting her 50% bleed resistance and +(x) critical resistance.
- Shuri’s technological genius combined with the powerful properties of vibranium makes her immune to ability accuracy reduction.
Vibranium Gauntlets:
- Shuri’s vibranium gauntlet hits cannot trigger any of the opponent’s damage back abilities.
- Shuri’s third and fifth light hits, first medium hits, and the first hit of her heavy attacks are sonic blasts. Sonic blasts ignore auto-block and armor. Sonic blasts removes one armor buff from the opponent and deals (x) energy damage per armor up buff removed.
Kimoyo Beads:
- Shuri can access a variety of Vibranium technologies with her Kimoyo Beads.
- Wound Stabilizer: If Shuri is inflicted with a damage over time debuff, she purifies the debuff after 1 second and heals +(x) health immediately.
- Talon Jet Summon: Shuri calls on the Royal Talon Fighter to aid her during special attacks. Shuri’s special attacks inflict a Vibranium Barrage passive on the opponent, dealing (x) energy damage over 10 seconds. While they have this passive, opponent’s block proficiency and armor is reduced by 90%.
- Long-Distance Communicator: Shuri communicates with the scientists in her lab and tells them to give her a Vibranium Shield passive that reduces damage done to her by 40%. Her lab scientists warn her of incoming attacks, granting her an (x)% chance to auto-block. This can trigger parry.
- Technology Control: Shuri can utilize her Remote Access Kimoyo Beads to shut down enemy technologies. Hold Block for 2 seconds to activate the bead. Its activation shocks the opponent for (x) seconds and paralyzes (stun with (x)% reduced healing and power gain) robot champions for (x) seconds.
- Shuri starts the fight in a random mode. Initiating a heavy attack switches to the next mode. (Mode will change whether it hits or not)
Special 1:
(This attack is just a short range barrage of sonic blasts, similar to bishop’s special 2 beam)
- This attack is a sonic blast and it removes all armor buffs on the opponent.
- After this attack, opponents cannot gain armor up buffs for (x) seconds. If the opponent would gain an armor up buff, they would take (x) direct damage.
Special 2:
(This attack starts with one small sonic blast, then Shuri throws a remote access bead that stick to the opponent, then she blasts the opponent twice with her gauntlets.)
- Every hit from this attack except for the second one are sonic blasts.
- The second hit attaches a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead on the opponent (max stacks: 1). Tech Champions with the Kimoyo bead have 100% reduced ability accuracy and cannot heal. Robots will also be stunned for (x) seconds once a bead is attached to them. Remote Access Kimoyo Beads can be removed by knocking down Shuri.
Special 3:
(Shuri blasts them with sonic blasts, then she summons the Royal Talon Flyer to blast her opponent down with a barrage of laser beams.
- This attack deals 100% more damage if Shuri’s Kimoyo Beads are set on Talon Jet Summon
- While the opponent is distracted, Shuri takes this opportunity to upgrade her Kimoyo Beads.
- Wound Stabilizer: After shrugging off a debuff, Shuri gains Debuff immunity for 4 seconds. (cooldown:5 seconds)
- Talon Jet Summon: Vibranium Barrage lasts twice as long
- Technology Control: Activating the Remote Access Kimoyo Beads power drains 30% of the opponent’s max power. This becomes 60% against robot champions
- Long-Distance Communicator: Whenever Shuri gets stunned or her attacks get evaded, she has a 100% chance to auto-block all attacks for 1 second
Signature Ability: Wakandan Genius
- Using her genius-level intellect, Shuri plans in advance for her next battle. Before a fight, Shuri can pick which mode she starts in. Additionally, Shuri gains a benefit depending on which mode she starts with.
- Wound Stabilizer: Whenever Shuri purifies a debuff, she gains (x)% power
- Talon Jet Summon: When Shuri is stunned, the opponent is inflicted with Vibranium Barrage for the duration of the stun
- Technology Control: Shuri special attacks have true accuracy against opponents with a Remote Access Kimoyo Bead.
- Long-Distance Communicator: Shuri’s critical rating increases by (x)% per hit on the combo meter (max:100 hits)
Young Geniuses with Spiderman (Stark-Enhanced)
- All Teammates: Special Attacks deal (x)% increased damage per hit on the combo meter (max: 80 hits)
- Shuri: Whenever Shuri switches modes she does perfect blocks for 3 seconds
- Spiderman: Spiderman has 2% increased power gain per poise charge
Wakandan Royalty with Black Panther and Black Panther (Civil War)
- All Teammates: Critical Rating and Critical Damage is increased by (x)% per hit on the combo meter (max 80 hits)
- Shuri: Every 10 hits Shuri taunts her opponent for 6 seconds
- Black Panther: Gain 60% bleed resistance and +80% armor
- Black Panther (Civil War): Gain Bleed Immunity and any debuff Black Panther would receive while in Reflective Armor will immediately be reflected back to the opponent
Vibranium Enhancements with Winter Soldier
- All Teammates: Physical Resistance and Energy Resistance are increased by (x)% per hit on the combo meter.
- Shuri: Shuri’s sonic blasts reduces opponent’s ability accuracy by 80% for 2 seconds
- Winter Soldier: All attacks deal true damage and every two hits he ignores enemy damage back abilities
- Vision (Age of Ultron): When below 50% max power, Opponents are inflicted with falter for 1 second when Vision dashes forward. When above 50% max power, Vision can block unblockable attacks.
Enemies with Killmonger and Corvus Glaive
- All Teammates: Gain +(x) critical rating


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