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looking for a nice retirement community

Hey, I am looking for a retirement community that is higher on the AQ food chain (80mil or so), and has little to no war. Account is 850k+ with a pi around 7k. I am allergic to arenas and would prefer a no/low donations setting.

I would like to keep some toons for higher level solo play, but have plenty of r4's for AQ.

Once things settle down, I won't mind doing war, but I am super busy right now between regular job and side gig.

Let me know, and thanks.


  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 345 ★★
    We are a 15m Gold 2 alliance that runs War and AQ in season, but in the off season we only run one war BG for those who want to keep their hand in with it, and go over 80 million in AQ. Beyond that no donations and no minimums for events, so you can play the game how we want. Send me a message on Line (crazyjamie84) and we can see if we can work something out.
  • SenorPantsSenorPants Posts: 101
    Hey GR - we may be a fit, though we'd like to make sure you're able to get your 5 wars in during season.

    SPDO - Speedos Required - 22M Gold 2 5/5/3 alliance. We're organized for 2BG wars, making sure all get their minimums on their schedules. AQ is 90-100M typically. No drama, all adults who can communicate (Line), handle our designated paths, and understand we all have lives outside of the game.

    Connect with me on Line to chat more. SenorPants (no space) username, IGN Senor Pants.
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