Looking for a chill and relaxed Alliance 4700 Prestige

I have been quite active and an officer of an amazing 9mil alliance scoring 70-90mil in Expert Tier of AQ Map 5x5 focused, Tier 3/4 AW.

However I do not currently have time for AQ, so looking for something more chill and relaxed.

What I am looking for:
-An alliance that does not mind if I am not always around, I will check in daily, semi-daily
-A flow of 4 and 5* shards coming in through AW, Completion, Item Use, milestones etc.
-Possibly AW focused
-North America / Europe time zone
-Uses Line App for communication

What I can offer you:
-Solid prestige depending where you alliance is at
-A solid roster, I have at least all the pre 12.0 God Tier champs awakened as a 4* and a lot of the new ones too
-Knowledge of the game (I have read and watch a lot of vids, guides on the game)
-Path clearing and Boss Killing in AW depending on what Tier you are in.

If this sounds like it may be a good fit,

Contact me on Line: waynegcorelctsdr1a1wbm.png


  • We'd need a bit of participation in AQ. Alliance just split and we are recruiting. We ran 5x5 earlier. If interested:

    Ign dali66
  • BiznessBizness Posts: 15
    we do AQ map 4&5. And war on a reg basis. just broke away from a stale alliance. we are working professionals so we understand how the real world is more important. check us out, Bizness513
  • Hello,
    I have had a lot of people reach out me which I am thankful for.

    However please read above that I do not really have time for AQ, so maybe if you run 2 BGs it could work.

    Also if you do contact me, could you tell me your -IGN name
    -Alliance tag
    -AW tier

    I am in AW until late Monday night and then will be looking to make a move after that.

    Thanks to everyone!
  • B.brizee
    USA for majority
    Tier 5 war
    We run AQ with clearing of 2bgs so you can always join bg3 for explore points
    War we run 2bgs can you commit to war? At least 2 wars a week
  • waynegcorewaynegcore Posts: 90
    edited August 2017
    Still looking for a good fit, please contact me on Line and read the edited ad in the comments before contacting me. Thanks!
  • I agree. Life is understandable... But u don't want to do aq at all??? Just get the rewards??? Good lucl
  • Virux wrote: »
    That's a tricky fit, man. You want a steady stream of shards coming in from alliance events as well as war, but you can only be on daily or every other day? I'm not trying to be a jerk but it sounds like you want all the perks for just being there. To each their own I guess.

    I think like a lot of Vets, I am just tired of Map 5x5, requires too much checking in and more than I have time for.

    AW only requires 2-3 checkins per day, which I am willing to do.

    Also my prestige will boost a lot of allis and I can path clear and Boss Kill, may be what some mid tier allis are after.

    Lots of Allis have contacted me and have different setups, so just looking for a good fit.
  • Hi. IGN, gamma spider. Alliance, Doesn't play well with others. 6 mil

    Tier, advanced? Prestige, 3450.

    We are a casual alliance. No line/group app. No event goals. Usually get SA. No donations.
    Free AQ. Voluntary. Usually 2 groups.
    War about twice a week. Voluntary. 1 to 2 groups.

    Only real rule with have.. If one joins AQ or AW, one must engage/move/attack.
    No login for 5-7 days then kick.

    I am an officer and a very mature person.
    If you want in, friend me.

    Good luck, gamma spider u

  • I found a great fit, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks to all those who contacted me.
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