8.5m Alliance wants to make a big changes.

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First of all, from my previous experiences with alliances I have been with, there are 2 mainly reason thats makes people come and leave: the inactivity/ lack of skills of certain players Or the instability of the alliance.
I believe that everyone wants get stronger and progress in this game ! thats why I got this proposition for you !

We are 8.5m alliance doing map 5x5 scoring more than 80m AQ each week, We want to get bigger and stronger by getting our alliance more stability. We can provide 18-20 best players of the alliance which are ( Loyal, Active, Well skilled and friendly).
We are Looking for couple players ( We prefer a squad of 4-5 peoples playing together ///Or team of 10 players max).

Few requirements for joining the alliance ( Can be discussed and depends on the Individuals skills or the groups):
- The average of the (groups /individuals players) prestige: 4000+
- Well organized groups/ Active individual players.
- Participating in Alliance events.
- No timezone requirement.

We can do map 6 if the joinning groups wants that, and i said , we are ready for any challange. And as i said, we highly prefered a good squad who wants to take it the next level ! but any good individual players are always welcome !
For more information, contact me on line. If you got any question or proposition, Please do not hesitate.
Line ID: selemdahmen


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