Active Loyal Alliance! 5m.

Looking for loyal and active members. Must be level 55+, American, and have (or willing to install) groupme.

We get plenty of 5* shards and t4cc fragments.

100% 3 BGs AQ map 4, tier 7 for AW, rank 11 last SA.

Add me in-game "ballpointken"


  • We want an alliance merge...we run AW every week & AQ 5 x map 4, we do alliance events like: item use, completion event,duels...we are 19 players but we will bring 15 to 17 active players...we use line app for for swartzy84 for more info
  • @Swartzy84 we have 17 members just split alliance. We ran 5x5 before split. Perhaps we can merge...

    Ign dali66
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