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Kabam Marketing Improvement

Eos_Nano_XEos_Nano_X Posts: 304
edited August 2017 in Suggestions and Requests
So, I live in Australia.
As lot of players do. And alot also play from Europe and Asia and other parts of the world not in America.
Im always missing out on deals and good opportunities to get stuff and buy the deals in-game when they come round. This is the 3rd deal in a row i have been interested in and because my wallet isnt always full everyday, and i dont live in America, i miss out on deals like the T4cc deal on right now.
People should be looking to unite and get Kabam to make offers last a week, instead of 24 hours.
Does anyone feel the same?
Is anyone else sick of missing out on the good stuff becuase thier budgets are tighter?
Or because they dont get paid when deals are in?
Lets all push for this change!
It would be great for Kabam, instead of bits of money in 24 hours, theyd get a large sum over a week.
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