Guilly or Drax

So 5* guilly or drax to r3 and eventually r4? My other 5*s are storm, winter soldier, iron man, and Ronan. Also all unduped


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    Storm is the most useful out of all the ones you listed. Guilly is great for older content like ROL and Act4 if you haven't beaten those yet. Drax is good for fighting Mordo in aq/aw. I would honestly wait until you dupe one of them if I were you.
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    I planned on waiting for a dupe but this offer may be too tempting. Just can't decide which class to go for
  • Do you have MD?
  • ThisguyThisguy Posts: 80
    Nope that's a big investement. I don't have many other mystics so don't feel I'd benefit much from it
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    If both are unduped I would go for drax, drax has better damage output even unduped but when duped guilly has regen and that paired with her already really good damage and heal reversal would push her over the top. Storm and winter soldier are also good options for rank 3 but again they have to be duped and I would still go for guilly or drax over them unless you want to use storm for LOL or a legends run
  • Drax is insane and he doesnt need to be duped to be the most hardcore psycho in the game. I have him 4* r4 and hes my go to guy whenever the **** hits the fan.
  • Have both duped both 4* 4/40s and drax is an absolute monster, guilly is pure situational (sig ability is cool but x-23 is wayy better in terms of dps and heal factor).

    Considering the fact you do not have MD and both are unduped no doubt you should go with drax. For me, he demolished most of webslingers (used CB for og spideys) and master bosses in recent event quests.
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    Don't have much experience with Drax aside from arena grinding, but Guilly is my first (and only) R5. Her regen is decent, but wildly unpredictable. I had the choice between her and Magik to go to R5, and I went with Guilly.

    Her SP2 regen reversal has bailed me out of a few battles so far.
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    Thanks for the insight guys! Tested them both out on rol ws. I fight alot better with guilly but I see alot of damage potential in draxs fury. Seems he benefits more from being duped too so think ill go with him
  • Good choice!
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