Carnage Buff?

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Whale hello there,
I'd like to talk about carnage, i myself have a four star Carnage, and I was wondering, why is he so weak? I mean he looks great, and it was the chance to make another god tier cosmic champ. I know Hyperion, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Miss Marvel are all good cosmic champs, Hyperion is really the only god tier cosmic. Carnage should at least be a decent champ, instead of hitting like a wet noodle! I mean, the only thing good about him is his prestige. In the comics, he was capable of defeating Spider-Man in a one on one battle, same with Venom, yet he's much weaker than both!



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    Mods have said the game team is looking at the character but with all the actual gameplay problems and bugs they have going on at the moment I think carnage is on the back burner and won't be buffed up for a long while
  • Lets hope the buff comes through!
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