8.8M, Silver 1 alliance looking for active members. AQ focused, Maps 4 and 3

JohnHSJohnHS Posts: 509 ★★★
We are an expanding active alliance looking for new members to fill a few inactive spots. Looking for friendly active people. We run two battlegroups in Map 4 and one in Map 3, looking to do all Map 4 eventually. Two battlegroup wars. We could use some help in pushing to Gold 3, but War isn't mandatory. We try not to be too sweaty, and realize that life happens.

Must have at least a few solid 5/50 4*s or 3/45 5*s. The bigger the roster the better.
Must do AQ.
Notify us before taking a leave.
Be active and communicate.

Line App isn't mandatory but strongly encouraged.

Contact me: JohnHS in game or JohnHS9 on Line, or our leader ecive in game/ecive (UTC-8) on Line. The alliance name is [C_T_R] Pinnacle. May be a couple days before we can let you in, as we'll have to review things. Thanks!
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