Alliance merger coalition!

Are you in need of filling a few spots or tired of endlessly combing the forums day in and day out for the right players to join your ranks? Look no further! Me and a couple of buddies have started a line group where we discuss possible merger/trade ideas so that everyone reaches their goal! If you have any questions or are interested in joining to help possibly fill your ranks with strong players, give me a shout! Our current alliances range from 3.5mil to about 8mill
Line ID: stretchnuts17


  • StretchnutsStretchnuts Posts: 78
    edited August 2017
    Also if you're just a single player looking for an alliance you can also add/message me and I'll find a spot for you in one of our many alliances minimum rating of 80k for this service!
  • Swartzy84Swartzy84 Posts: 62
    We want an alliance merge...we run AW every week & AQ 5 x map 4, we do alliance events like: item use, completion event,duels...we are 18 active players...we use line app for for swartzy84 for more info
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