Psylocke blocking unblockable attacks?

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
Is this right ? Can Psylocke block unblockable attacks? I don't see anything in her description that indicates she can.

I'm playing 5.2.4, using Ghost, (with Antman, Wasp, Hood and Dormamu in my team)
The nodes are only:

Transducer (gain more power when striking Psylocke, but lose power slowly)
Plagued Mind (lose power every 30s)
Role Reversal
Champion Boost
and Health boost.

I built up to my sp2 .. and managed to use it before Plagued mind kicked in ... (phasing first to get unblockable).
I saw the unblockable keyword come up .. and she casually blocks the special, then combos me to death.

I thought perhaps I did something wrong (I noticed Psylocke reduces Def Ability Accuracy when you're at 0 power .. ).
Ok .. so perhaps that had an affect?

I tried again ... made sure I had >0 power after sp2 ... which I did.
once again, I see unblockable keyword come up .. and once again she blocks it, then kills me ..

What am I missing? Is there a hidden ability she has ? is there something I've missed in my re-reading of her abilities ?
Or is this just another bug ?
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