AQ Focused (Top 350ish & P4 War) needs 3-4 8500ish prestige North American Players

The Big Duck Club (Big'D) is a semi-hardcore alliance looking for 3-4 US/North America Time Zone based players with 8500ish prestige. We need adult players with a sense of humor who are active and don't need to be told what to do. We don't like drama or egos. Our goal is to keep advancing and growing without being militant about it. We use Line to communicate and want people who like to communicate, perhaps by the fire with some chianti. We're looking for players who can handle their business in war and completed Act 5. Our philosophy is to always try our best and push to advance but we're not whales, have lives and don't want to be stressed over a game. Honestly most our alliance could go play with more competitive alliances but have either been there and done that or don’t want the stress of it.

AQ: Starting prestige is 9k we’ve shifting to be more AQ focused bc that’s where we feel the better rewards are but we also don't want to die over this game. Currently we have one bg run 6x6 and the other 2 run 66555. We probably won't have all 3 run 6x5 because we're loyal to people who've been with us and not everyone wants that stress. So this is kind of the best of both worlds.

SA: No min required but we are active rankers (See rewards below)

WAR: we run war nonstop and finished last season P4 and the season before at P3. We are probably most comfortable in P4 and need people who are ok with winning and losing. We play to win but war isn’t our focus. If we feel we're off to a good start we just try to play smarter to be there. Off season will be no potion 1-2 bg wars.

EVENTS: No minimum requirements but we just do what we can and hit decent rewards. We just don't want burn out. We also don't want mooches - just because there are no minimums you gotta help the team hit milestones so we don't have to "enforce" rules or babysit. Honestly, babysitting makes me cranky.

For more details follow the link to chat with us:
Line ID: Zeylif228


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