LG G6 graphics low quality

very low quality and low details in the game
Game battery saver option in the phone turn off


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  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 574
    Something is apparently off in your phone settings. I don't think its the game.
  • MaXi_1MaXi_1 Posts: 4
    there is not to mush to set on the phone
    i did a factory reset and i run a benchmark (3d mark) on the phone got score of 2597 the avarage is 2068
    in anTuTu Banchmark the result is 145803 #5 in rating list
    so the phone is OK
  • Someone else had a similar problem with their s8 active. I have an S8+ and my only thought is you may have a performance mode set or not set that will definitely make that difference.

    The graphic quality between hd and fhd+ is massive. Let alone wqhd+. Check your display settings.
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