Potty Training is over! Join PottySquad Gold 2 , AQ 5x 445

Hey y'all,

PottySquad is looking for you!
We have had a few members retiring, so we would like to fill the gaps of this Stable and long lasting Alliance...

Founded in 2016, so we have been around for a while. We're a a fun and progressing bunch of people, from all over the world, Americans, Dutchies, UK blokes etc etc.

We are sitting comfortably in Gold 2 of alliance war for the last few seasons, and we might look into progressing to Gold 1.

During WarSeason we run AQ 5x map 2, 4, 5

And in offseason we run AQ 5x 4,4,5, hitting 80 mil milestones

If we keep our players progressing and expending their rosters, we'll look into having 445 during seasons too, but at this point time 245 will be the maps Played During War season.

What do we expect from you?

We would like you to be able to handle gold 2 AW and able to handle a map 3-4 in AQ..

We do not expect you to do minibosses or bosses if you are not ready ...yet..

Just clearing your paths will suffice.. We do expect you to join every War and AQ and to give it your all.. If life happens it happens, just give us a heads-up and we'll help you out.

We do expect you to communicate through Line and communicate with you fellow Members.

In the Off season, War is not mandatory.

Do you have what it takes, to join the PottySquad? Are you done with your PottyTraining and ready for the PottySquad? Do you want to learn, progress and still have a good time?

Do you want a helpfull friendly bunch of worldly teammates.

Then contact our Head Officer on the LINE app


Do mention me, cause then I'll get a cookie!


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