Why remove % from description ?

AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
Please give me one good reason , why % to lower attack rating has been completely removed from the resonate mastery description ?

What purpose does it solve to withhold information from players wanting to buy the mastery ? Earlier it was a 16% chance , but now that 16% is gone !!

Seems very shady unless you want to nerf it later and don’t want to commit to a number upfront .

You said you would get the description fixed to state the actual % In the new update , but I guess that not intended ??

Stop being so shady and show some class !!


  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 988 ★★★
    could you take a screenshot? That'd really help.
  • AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★

    could you take a screenshot? That'd really help.

    Please just use the search. It’s been acknowledged by mods in another thread that they will add thr % back to the description.

    Why remove it In the first place ?

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