Important improvements

Hello, dear Kabam! I've been playing MCoC since December, 2014 and now I have to suggestions, how to make our lives easier.

First. There should be a mechanism, which makes it possible to form a chain of battlegroups for the arena and not to exit after every three duels, but continue the winning strike from the start of chain to an end without interruption. It may be helpful to save precious time and beat the needed score faster. Also, the possibility of exit the chain ("breaking the chain"?) leave the freedom of choice to summoner. So, how does it work? Summoner enters the arena, chooses champions for battlegroups, as usual, but every 3-champ battlegroup forms in a chain of battlegroups, so when the summoner starts to grind the arena, the chain goes non-stop, without interruption after every battlegroup fight. Simple.

Secondly. The crystal storage shouldn't be viewed as a list, because it's not comfortable, when a Summoner has lots of different crystal categories, to scroll all over again and again, so I propose to take a block system, which can view small icons of categories, so approximately 9 categories of different crystals can be viewed without scrolling. So, if we have around three categories in a row to see, now it's 3x3, block system, not the list system. Summoner can tap on a category to see, what crystal it is, how many does he have and etc.

So, please, consider my suggestions as much-needed improvements. Thanks!
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