Summoner sigil working properly?

Good morning everyone, I got a question about the summer sigil.
I gave in and paid for a months worth of summoner sigil.
The first week --as expected-- all the purchases in the black iso market reset to a 7 day period.

But then the second week, they reset to a 14 day period

^currently sitting at 10 days.

Is this how is supposed to work?

- I mean, if is going to keep adding another 7 days to the wait period every time I purchase something then I dont think I will ever renew it again.
If someone could clarify for me that would be amazing. Thanks!


  • Fugitive21Fugitive21 Posts: 219
    some items reset every 7 days some are 14 days. Those 2 are on 14 day reset timers.
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