Join Alete, We are more than an Alliance, We are a family!

Cheesy but true statement over. We are looking to fill an entire BG. We had a BG wanting to run harder content than some others and have moved all together. We are a real life first alliance. That does not mean we are not growing or competing just that we understand when life happens and accommodate when necessary. These are ideal qualifications but we are willing to work with driven people. We have 3 requirements. Communicate, Participate, and No Drama not necessarily in that order. Line app required.

Ideal Qualifications
500k PI
Map 5 experience/Capability
Good Communication
Team oriented in helping others.

If you are tired of the grind but still want to grow add me on Line


  • MaxxtronMaxxtron Posts: 25
    Bump. Still looking to fill a few spots.
  • MaxxtronMaxxtron Posts: 25
    Bump. Still looking. Come see if Alete would be the right fit for you. AQ focused. Rare AW. Respect and maturity towards all.
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