Gates in act6 is fine but I’m okay with clok out 4 star

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Hey after play a few time in act6 can’t exploder them with classe gate it frustrates and I’m hates you guys at kabam HQ for thinking it was a good ide it frustrates me every time I’m dies in the act 6.2.5 one that mordo you dies Hav to revive or back out it frustrates not fun it don’t make the game fun. I’m was fun with the 4 star gates but make it so u hav to use 4 tech champ ect. And 4 6 star champion don’t make it fun more frustrating and that alone hav ruined the fun out of the story simple don’t hav the rigth counter to bad wait 5 more year to get them buy them you don’t hav any motivation to play. So I’m don’t beg it to removed I’m begging to do so 6 star tech class ect work vs the 5 star gate so u alest Hav room to use and stil Hav the gates. It isn’t fun and shuld really Hav thinking’s thuget this I’m really felling you guys. Just wont us to hates u. For what you dose and when you really do a great job we almost don’t wont to tel u because of you somtime just wil get somone ditty in the mind again. Pliz considering this not a insulting or even thinking I’m just to frustrated of the gates not fun.
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