Summoners, due to a technical issue, this week's series of Alliance Quests will be cancelled at 4pm PT. There will not be any Rewards for this series. The next series of Alliance Quests will start on April 18 at 12pm PT. We will be assessing the impact on Alliances and compensating accordingly, as well as returning Alliance Tickets.

Rank Up

I got all materials, just need the iso and gold at the moment. Am planning to explore Variant 3, and then completing Variant 2

Rank Up 22 votes

5* Sparky to rank 5 (sig 40)
LordNeoAdamb208ElementalBashBriceMiester 4 votes
5* CapIW to rank 5 (sig 135)
Osfan8FreeToPlay_21 2 votes
6* Duped Warlock to rank 2
Hedron 1 vote
6* Ghost to rank 2
16wegnerkCrimsontide1616Duke_SilverErkAssumedNameMCoC_fanCiqMCOCEtjamatafreÆgon0710Thicco_ModeNik_860 12 votes
6* Domino to rank 2
TaZ_4178FhfjghhggggjfhfjgBeyond00_ 3 votes


  • ElementalBashElementalBash Posts: 107
    5* Sparky to rank 5 (sig 40)
    Good champs, hard choice but i’d Say warlock, starky, or cap iw.
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