5* champs

Why always getting a trash champs after opening 5* crystals ?


  • Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★★
    Honestly that’s about as much of an answer as is warranted. People need to stop expecting god tier champs every pull. Got a ws? Guess what that might be who you need to use for a while. There’s like 160 champs now? Chances are good you WONT pull a god tier most of the time... if you did often it wouldn’t be exciting to get one. Some people pull Corvus first pull some people open 20 before they get someone that level. Don’t like random crystal opening based games? Quit. It won’t suddenly be different.

  • HeavyBr3athingHeavyBr3athing Posts: 144 ★★

    Because you can’t get them before opening a crystal?

    Schrodinger's Crystal
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