Ready to become competitive with a Bunch of AHØs?

Map66655/66555 alliance. Gold2, wanting gold1/p4.
About us: we have a solid 20core and started back in 2017 and have been together since running map2. We like to progress and want more rank 5 champs and implemented map6. SO IF YOU WANT MORE RANK5 champs and think/know you can handle map6 with 3BG aw during season then we are the place for you. We assign paths for Map6 but not AW, we do focus on diversity for AW.

What we want: active and skilled players, 103k gold/10k bc. COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION. TAGS, TAGS, TAGS. Line chat. Join in timely manners and move in timely manners, those are 1 and the same for us. Fun players that kick AHØs.

Why should you care about us? Because we actually want to progress and add more map6 and get more rank up materials for Rank5 champs and even Rank2 6* champs. If that aligns with you and your wants then join us.

How to contact me:
Ingame- Gotszbot
Line- Gotszbot

If you reply here then I'm not going to see it.


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