Looking for an AQ focused ally

(+2 GMT) Around 5.4k prestige,
I'd prefer to use discord ( Blaargo#7777)
However I do have line ( ID: Blaargo)
(IGN: Cancerbot)


  • Hitman0285Hitman0285 Posts: 47
    AQ focused here. We use line. Add me if interested. korngrower
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 245
    Still looking
  • ATrain25ATrain25 Posts: 37
    We are AQ focused and run map5 all three bg’s All week with war optional. I’m sending invite
  • ThirosThiros Posts: 58
    AQ map 3/4, we do wars randomly, nothing is mandatory. Our only expectation is if you join something, help out and knock down some nodes (kinda goes without saying, but you'd be surprised...).

    No line, no donations, and no time or hourly/daily login requirements (life happens). We're here to help if needed.

    Find me IG on Thiros68 or send an alliance join request to Ironman Sucks.
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 245
    Map 5x5 please...
  • Sent you a in game request so we could talk more.
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