Unfair Arena Grinding

Hi there, i am playing . the game now since 18 month. I love i, but it is constantly frustrating me. that might be the reason why i am still playing.

I am Cavalier and have 5x 5* Champs at rank 5
about 50 x 5* and another 50x 4* who are playable in the 5* featured arena without loosing the streak.

Still, grinding on my days off where i have all the time i need to play, even setting the alarm and playing through the night when my champs are again ready to go, i cant make more than 15 million a day.

how shall i reach a cuttoff from 60 millions in 3 days?
The structure off arena is unfair. the only reason i cant make the neccessary millions is that i didnt start the game 3 years ago and dont have 100+ 5* champs.

We need a better system, so that everybody, depending on their level (uncollected, cavalier) have equal chances to play for the new featured champs.


  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 767 ★★★
    Try money for refreshes, or money for cav crystals to get more champs. Either one works!

    Also, masteries can help, boosts these also cost units. Good luck!
  • MuTangMannMuTangMann Posts: 6
    mate, you can invest 100 units and some good arena boosters to make some good points. still, doesnt make more than 6million additional points with 1000 units. Problem: cant buy the boosters, have to be lucky enough to draw the high value 4 and 5* arena booster.

    Maestrys are deep in Suicide, my top champs enter the arena with 15-17k.
    and we are not talking about 3-4 champs which i am lacking. the people who play longer have pretty much every champ as 4* and 90 % of all the 5* thats now about 120 5*champs. i am 70 champs short to be able to keep up. not to mention the 6*.

    and that is exactly my point. arena shouldnt be about how many champs you have already. but how much time and energy you invest into the game, maybe even about skill.

    but thanks for trying to help.
  • UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 2,055 ★★★★
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    and that is exactly my point. arena shouldnt be about how many champs you have already.

    Here's the thing, though, that's simply your personal view on arenas.
    In terms of whether it actually should work the way it does now is only depending on whether kabam wants it to work the way it does right now.

    And don't get me wrong, this is not me saying "kabam knows what's best", but rather me saying "kabam knows what they want the arena to be in concept".

    Judging from it's current state, the arena is not designed to be a go-to option for champion acquisition/roster building. Just move away from the 5* featured arena for a second and look at it as a whole:

    With an average amount of time and let's just say little to no units spent, to net in a desirable basic 4* you already need a rather deep 4* roster.
    To net in a desirable featured 4* you already need a rather deep 5* roster.

    From that it makes absolute sense that you would need a rather deep 5* and 6* roster to reliably net in a desirable featured 5*.

    Arena is about wanting, not about needing. And I don't see any reason for kabam to change that, quite the opposite actually.

    And this is coming from someone who likes to play arena and would love to even have a chance at getting a featured 5*. But once my roster is at the point needed to net in featured 5* champs, there'll probably be 8* champs in the game lol.
  • You will have to only use your 6-star champions. Refresh them everytime and use them
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