5* Sig Stones cap increase for F2P

Hey guys i was wondering if by any chance you have plans to increase the 5* sig stones cap in the inventory for F2P players.
many of us are capped out on sig stones especially mystic. i have almost 300 sig stones crystals unopened and some of us are being pressured by our alliance members to increase our prestige. the problem is that if i open my sig stone crystals my mystic will go into overflow as i don't wanna waste them on any other mystic champions cuz most of them suck or have low prestige besides Symbiote Supreme who i don't have right now.

Hopefully you'll consider increasing the sig stones cap for F2P players as well soon.


  • Darth_Caedus1Darth_Caedus1 Posts: 43
    edited September 10
    They probably won't, they recently introduced summoner sigil increases the cap. They wouldn't increase it for everyone having just introduced a subscription service that does the same thing
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