Tired of bugs in game. Newly introduced ones

New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,123 ★★★

1) Load times are noticeable slower in everything: starting up, between fights, before loading of fights, navigating to an arena.

2) AI has changed. It's such a cheat when an AI runs in front of you, you try to block and the AI waits until you release the block (you can't do anything else), then smacks you. You can't also parry at the beginning. They've changed the percentages.

3) AI cheats. I've had this happen 5 times at least...I'm in the middle of a combo, then the AI specials me. Such BS.

3) Another AI cheat. I'm on NO special node and I'm not against any AI that can shrug off Parry's... Why do the parry times differ?
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