Should Kabam play-test their content more before release.

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Should Kabam play-test their content more before release. 45 votes

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Maybe so.
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    Well obviously
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    Zuro said:

    Well obviously

    Think it's more so Kabam can see this post and acknowledge that all the players know they don't do so enough.
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    If they're getting paid, is it unbiased? Lol. JS.
  • We actually playtest our content a lot. But, as I was just saying to somebody else, I could have every single person in this office Playtesting one piece of content for an entire week, and within an hour of release, you guys have logged more hours with that content than we possibly could have.

    You will find things that we couldn't, and you will find ways in which Champions can be used that we couldn't.

    There are hundreds of thousands of you. There's a handful of us.
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