26M Alliance, 9100 Prestige, Top 250 AQ Focused, G1-P4 AW

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Rating: 26M
AW: Tier 4 G1-P3
AQ: 6x5

About us:

We’re a day 1 alliance with highly skilled players. We're an AQ focused alliance, but with the new AW rewards, we'll be pushing a bit more than the last few seasons. We expect we’ll be P4 without much effort. Everyone is expected to be very active and 100% in AQ every week.
  • An adult group of responsible active players.
  • 90% North American based.
  • No event minimums, but still hit most milestones.
  • Priority always goes to AW/AQ over personal events.
  • Top 250 AQ / 300M+ Milestone Rewards
  • Donations 292k gold, 30kBC, 21k Loyalty
​ About you:
  • Self starter with good game IQ. (you don’t need to be told to move)
  • 9100+ Prestige
  • Can be active the same time as us (Again US time zones).
  • Active and can clear your AQ line with minimal potion usage.
  • Team player and communicates well.
​ ​

Please inquire on line "Tetrapon" for info.

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