Cull obsidian how much would he change

Hey guys anyone know how much cull obsidian will be changed could a mod pls comment on this and is it worth taking him to r5 with that change set to go live in 3 months


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    We still don't know what will be changed and also the supposed reason is that he "Out Damages" most content in the game once fully ramped up (which isn't Fun and less efficient) not considering that CG, Ghost, Cap Movie and even Medusa (a 2017 champ) are much better, easier, and/or cost effective to run, that's why there is soo much Spite and backlash against it he should not be touched. This is because they're changing his Dmg and that the only thing he has.
    My advise is to wait to see how this plays out and if you have to don't spend rank up resource on any newer champ as they might/will be subjected to this "Adjustment" Program (the next two candidate are Namor's Dmg and BW Claire Voyunt's Regen on Sp2).
  • To be fair it's not the only thing... but he certainly is an outlier being a ramp up champ with low block and no healing.
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    Just wait 3 months after release to do anything..lesson learned
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    Well the only thing I've heard is there will be no Abilities Added or Removed, only Stat Changes to current Abilities.
  • We don't have more details to share at this time outside of what we mentioned before, which is that the goals of the change are for him to still be one of the top damage dealers in the game afterward.
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