Who enjoys Mr Sinister as a ranked up 5*?

_ASDF__ASDF_ Posts: 1,698 ★★★★
I finally pulled a 5* mutant awakening gem. I have Havok at R5 and love him and I think I’d really enjoy Mr Sinister to play with. Also for defense. I don’t like running suicides and below are my options:

Awaken my R4 Domino and wait to R5 her.
R4 Omega Red and awaken him.
Hope for Sunspot

I have 20 mutant sig stones and I realize they all require a high sit but at this point in the game, Im starting to R4-5 champs I view as fun.

I have Corvus, proxima, blade, sentinel, MS, Ghost and Havok at R5 so I don’t need crazy damage output. Got that covered.

If you like playing Sinister can you let me know why and how well does he ramp up when questing or in AW or AQ.

Thank you!


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