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16 Mil Alliance- AQ Focused, AW Optional. Looking for Active Map 5 Experienced Players

Hi my line name is zbot34. once you read this post if we are the type of alliance you are looking for then please message me. I am looking for new Recruits to take the places of some members who are just coasting by in my alliance. Me and the Officers have had enough with Coasters. WE DO NOT STAND FOR IT Any Longer.
We will be looking for these new recruits to join us once this current AQ week ends on Monday Sept 9th.

The Core of my alliance is very much about Teamwork, Helping one another, and Progressing to make the team a better alliance overall for AQ and progressing as an individual for solo events. But and this is a big BUT, if we feel you are putting solo content before the Alliance then that is an Automatic Kick. We will no longer tolerate Selfish Players. We want Team First Mentality Type Players. Players that will go above and beyond to help their fellow player become better while still trying to become better themselves. These are the requirements I am looking for in Individuals to become a part of this alliance. Player Rating Be Damned if you meet these Requirements I don't care what your Prestige is or Player Rating if you can answer the Bell and answer Yes to these Requirements then please Hit me up On Line.

1. Be Great at Communication: examples "tagging someone to let them know their link node is down" or "tagging the entire team that a mini boss is Open or Down and the next section is open" or "Hey i am about to go to work and won't be able to log on for 4-6 hours" or "i am about to go to bed can someone cover my path as i am out of energy and there is 1 or 2 Link nodes still up" That is the type of communication i am looking for. To be courteous, and respectful but not ignore the line chats and not constantly tag teammates every 2 or 4 hours because that can become annoying.

2. Active- Got to be able to be active through each section of Map 5. Now i understand not everyone is in the same timezone but if you can be active in each section it will help out the BGs greatly and thus allow everyone including yourself to reap the benefits and rewards of Map completions! USA Timezone preferred but not required if you are active through all 3 sections of AQ.

3. I want Players who are striving to become Uncollected, Have already become Uncollected and are working toward taking the Grandmaster down or have become Cavlier. Because that tells me you want to progress in this game. If you have only Completed Act 4 without 100% and have not started Act 5 that tells me you are not wanting to progress in a timely manner. Now again i realize it takes time and energy to complete that stuff but someone like myself who works 40 hours a week, has a wife and family to take care of i was able to complete Uncollected within 1 month even though i didn't 100% to do so I still pushed to get that Uncollected Title. for some it takes 3 days it just depends on your time to give to the game. But we want players that are striving to become Better at the game and better players over all.

4. Absolutely Must have Map 5 experience at the very least. Must be able to complete their own Paths without much help at all. Will take shots at the mini bosses at least 1 time. If you are a Boss Killer even better. But I try to teach, coach and help those that aren't boss killers to become Boss Killers because the more boss killers in each bg the better and more timely each bg can get to the next Section of the Map. which means quicker map clears and being able to release your champs to do solo content until the next AQ begins. But also want someone that is willing to take direction too if a path is needed to be taken at a certain time as we do not do Assigned Paths for Map 5.

5. Must not be rude or cause any Drama. Really this should be Rule #1 because I don't tolerate anyone being rude, condescending or plain mean to another member of my alliance. If you as a player have a problem with someone you either take it to a private chat and work it out like Adults or come to me and i will talk with you both to try and resolve the issue. But to do it in the public part of an Line Chat room is in my view Very Disrespectful and Rude and that is the best way to get Kicked out right then and there no matter if SA or AQ week is about to end. I don't care if a player is being rude. there is no reason to do that.

6. Donations to the Treasury are Mandatory. the deadline is every Saturday by 9pm Pacific Coast Time. If you do not donate by the deadline you are given until Sunday 9pm Pacific Coast Time to donate Double the amount. If by that time that still has not happened it becomes a Strike against you as a member of the alliance. 3 strikes you are out.

7. Summoner Advancement participation is Mandatory. we ask that each member participate. We try our best each week to hit the 320K mark each week but over the past 3 months we have been hitting between 500k and 750k so if we can keep that up then more benefits and rewards go to each player

8. AQ milestones because i know what many summoners want to know is where we rate compared to other alliances. Since we are about to enter a rebuild these milestones may be low at the beginning but hopefully we get enough recruits that we don't miss a beat. Currently we reach 110-120 million in milestones each week while ranking between 2200-2500. we would like to reach 160mil and rank in the top 1800-1980 which would be great!

9. Have Fun. its a game after all. but the reason we want to be part of an alliance is for the rewards, but you can't get the rewards without putting in the hard work. You need to put int he work so it's fair across the board to each member that is putting in the work. We as an alliance again realize Life Happens. and Life should come first before a game. Same with Work Life, Family life and Vacation Life. All we ask is you communicate each and every time you know you will be late to joining AQ or AW because then your teammates can plan accordingly what paths they need to take.

10. We don't do assigned paths because we like being able to fight different opponents each day to sharpen our skills against different champions.

Again Hit me up on Line if this is something you want to be a part of!


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 175
    Still looking for a couple players to join my alliance. If you are interested please reach out to me.
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