Will we ever get new backgrounds/locations?

As in locations to fight in like SHIELD helicarrier, NYC street, Sanctum Santorum, Wakanda bridge, collector's crib (idk what it's called), Oscorp, etc. If so, can we give suggestions? I've always wanted to fight in Atlantis or Iron Man's armor room


  • Rocket13Rocket13 Posts: 48
    I agree with you. Me too want to have variety on fights but i have to say that is the Kabam did a lot of things and do now we are talking, i do not belive that kabam has not thing a new backrounds on fights. mayby the not have time to creat a new battleground because they offer to us every day something new to keep us playing this game every day. Not us an addict game but a game who can offer us a story about Marvel Univers and to came more close to champ who we do not even know his story.
  • MadplanetMadplanet Posts: 17
    I was thinking that since they introduced the Fantastic Four that the Baxter Building would makes a good stage/backdrop.
    Also surprised that Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or X-mansion hasn’t been done.
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,492 ★★★
    Good idea. Some new arenas would be nice to see.
  • I'll raise this up and let folks know you'd like too see new backgrounds added to The Contest.
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