Easy Boss Rush 2 Run

Quick video run using Blade Trinity and AA. Not perfect, but will give you a good idea on how to fight.

King Groot - Blade
Easy and fast with danger sense.

Domino - AA
Let her run into you to parry.

Quake - Stark Spidey
Just build poises and evade her L1 and counter.

Invisible Woman - Stark Spidey
Parry and hit when she’s not invisible.

Symbiote Supreme - Stark Spidey
Evade his L2 and spam your L1. Parry heavy to drain his power if needed.

Taskmaster - Blade
Fast and easy with danger sense.


  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,949 ★★★★★
    Let me just get my 5/65 Blade and Stark Spidey and my 4/55 Archangel that I don't actually have 😂🤔😥
  • TurtleJamesTurtleJames Posts: 59
    You can do it with 4* also... I messed up on SS, but here is vid.

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