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Cavalier Help

LordScatsburyLordScatsbury Posts: 164
edited September 2019 in Strategy and Tips
Hey all,

Recently I did my first clear of act five, I found it generally okay difficulty for the most part. I have also managed to 100% Chapter 1. When I get elders bane I will probably be taking Corvus up to rank 5, providing I have the resources. My five star luck in the past has been awful, but recently I have pulled some great champs like blade and Luke cage. What I’m here to ask is who I need to rank up for act 6.1. It’s gonna take a while to get all my five stars ready but I’m going to be optimistic. I know Act 6 is very far away for my account, but who should I focus on in the future

Here’s my five star list :)

any help will be greatly appreciated:)

Edit : i know act 5 will take a very long time to 100% but who’s worthy for the generic ?


  • Adishvar_26Adishvar_26 Posts: 46
    I suggest to do with blade or thing..... u have good champions u should go for act 6 chapter 1
  • TheRenegade98TheRenegade98 Posts: 120
    Don't count yourself out buddy, mission 1 can be very frustrating with the no retreat node, mission 2 has an annoying node as well, aside from those you have to worry about crossbones in 6.1.5 who has vigor node as well as biohazard so you'll have to use a powerful bleed immune, corvus will suffice here as I did it with my corvus at r3 (cheesing it with revives)
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