Lag and Shuttering Graphics During AQ/AW


None of this is in malice, but is constructive perspective as to lag/shuttering issues during matches.

There are times that the game appears to run nigh-flawlessly. However, there are times that arena, AQ and AW matches experience lag/shuttering in animation during actual gameplay (ie during a match). For me, the issue increases with high demand arenas (like Gwenpool) where alliance mates press and/or ask for "Help"; as well as, during team events like AQ/AW.

The lag/shuttering in animations seem to increase when AQ/AW are running simultaneously (meaning an alliance is actively participating in both AQ/AW at the same time). if you mix in both AQ/AW with a high demand basic champ and you have serious issues during peak times of alliance activity (from what I can see on my side). The most issues happen during 3pm-10pm EST (peak activity for my alliance) for me. I do wake up at 5am for work and the early morning seems to have little to no issue in lag/shuttering of graphics in matches.

I feel (as I have no empirical data to support this except for user experience) that the AW and AQ maps upload in real time. As messages will filter when a node is dropped, scores will increase, and movement can be scene when on the map. Is it possible that this information is pushed even when grinding an arena or in a match for AW/AQ? Could the background data within the game itself (which happens in real-time) be responsible for issues with graphics and game play?

Yesterday, my alliance was in both AW and AQ. At around 7:30 PM, I tackled middle nodes of AW with my teammate. Mordo and 2 @ NC (which already are know to have jerky graphics) were completely unplayable. The game would freeze for .5-1 second... this would lead to huge timing issues WHICH are imperative to defeat these champs. A slight lag in gameplay is the difference between a successful parry (in the case of NC) or evade (in the case of Mordo).

You add that my alliance mates are seeking Hood, and our help queue can get as high as 200+ asks for assistance. I feel all this alliance data is being pushed in the background as the game runs. This is all hypothetical and speculation (as I do not look at, nor know for a fact, the data is being sent even during a match). However, I feel it should be looked at by the developer team as to why it seems when AW, AQ and arena are in high usage, the game seems to have performance issues.

If the data is being pushed in the background during a match, might it be best to have the data only be sent outside of actual matches?

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    Fighting vs dormmamu is awful. Terrible game lag And game freezing.
    The entire game slows down.

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