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Half my alliance got an extra 10,000 shards and half didn’t

About half of my alliance got an extra 10,000 shards from the boss rush and half didn’t. How is this fair?

For once I would like to see Kabam step up and do the right thing to make a fair game for everyone by allowing everyone to earn the extra shards.


  • Scruffy04Scruffy04 Posts: 23
    I agree. If you completed the boss rush after the patch, they should allow those players to run it back one more time. There should be some continuity.
  • This is not fair my friend had finished boss at 18sep and he again went for boss rush and he got 10k shared this is not fair
  • SuvenduSuvendu Posts: 177
    Well ppl who finished boss rush very early got the opportunity for getting it 2nd time.. Take it that way..
  • Hidden_KnightHidden_Knight Posts: 202
    Yeah I feel the same way, only about 6 of my alliance completed it. I was not able to because of the domino, thats where everyone seems to get tripped up and sym supreme. I don't think that those fights are not really ment for a boss rush, I could see those in Act 6 somewhere but not in something made for fun. In the end this just leads to the creators of the fight to getting backlash and harresment because of it.
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