Is 5 star Star lord worth taking up to rank 3 unduped?

I pulled a 5 star Star lord as my first 5 star, I almost have the tier 4 tech catalysts to take him up to rank 3, but he's unduped. Is it worth it or should I hold out until I dupe him


  • TillerTheKillerTillerTheKiller Posts: 280 ★★
    Depends on who else you could rank up instead. He is average at best unduped. If you have no other good techs, then go for it.
  • Pry22Pry22 Posts: 136
    Absolutely worth it I did and when I duped him he was already there.
  • MikeHockMikeHock Posts: 1,720 ★★★★
    edited August 2017
    If you're well off in the game and don't need the cats, then yes. I took my unduped 5* to rank3 and don't regret it..
  • SummonerB2SummonerB2 Posts: 556
    Yes man
  • Wordy12Wordy12 Posts: 208
    I do have a 4 star vision unduped at rank 4
  • Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534
    I took mine unduped to rank 4 lol. Just duped him a couple hours ago.
    It came after 6 months, but it feels good man.
  • SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    I would. He still has fury and decent damage, and then just look for a way to dupe him later.
  • Wordy12Wordy12 Posts: 208
    well now that it should be easier to rank up and obtain 5 stars, I might dupe him in the near future
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