We're a moderate playtime alliance that tends to get higher tier rewards than you might expect for the relatively small amount if time needed to devote. A lot of our membership consists of 5x5 or 5x6 retirees who still like the game but got sick of the excessive time commitment those maps require, especially when running AW all the time. We're also a pretty social alliance. We like people who want to chat it up. Our chat server has multiple dedicated channels including those for rank up discussions and advice, AW strategies, battlegroup specific coordination, beer, and talking about how awesome the all time greatest champion in the game is...

Our AQ schedule is 544, 544, 444, 444, 433 and we hit 90 mil rewards each week.

For AW, we only run 2 BGs so that those who don't love AW don't have to run it all the time. We've been gold 2 every time save 1 since they started rewards tiers. We might go down to 1 BG soon, just because AW rewards are so bleh for the amount of your roster you have to keep locked up.

The minimums we ask for from members are as such:
Full AQ participation the first 2 days and minimal participation the other 3 days (just use energy at least twice.) Enough AW participation to qualify for season rewards (5 out of 12 during the season, no required participation during the offseason.) 10k points contributed during quest completion event. 2k points contributed during item use event. 8k points contributed each week to Summoner Advancement events. And finally, communicate in alliance chat any time you clear a linked node, letting the person you unlinked know they can move. Or let us know if you'll be gone for a day or more during AQ so we can move people around if needed.

That's about it. Other than the completion event, most members find they can meet minimums with 30 minutes of playtime per day or less, which is pretty great for the kinds of rewards we get weekly.

We have no roster requirements, but to succeed here you'll need to have the skill level to hang in AW at around tier 6 to 8, and handle AQ map 4 fairly easily, and preferably hold your own in map 5 too if you're able to step in for someone when needed. If you're Uncollected, you'll probably be fine here. Or if you can do the first part of RTTL ch. 4 that's also a good way to know you'll probably be able to handle the content we do.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to be and you think you'd be able to contribute, get in touch! You can reply here, though we don't check this more than once every day or two. You can also reach out on the Discord chat app to geddre#1919 or Feldy69#6818, or in-game to Geddre or Feldy69.


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