Social is getting a new face

Well Helloooo everyone, Sphinx here!

Being a part of the Community Team here with Kabam is an honour and a privilege. What I am absolutely ECSTATIC about is getting to know all of you. Primarily, you will find me hanging out on the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Sphinx’s origin story:
• The character that brought me into the Marvel Universe is Wolverine. As a kid, I read about James Howlett (aka Logan) and dove in headfirst into the wonderful world of comics. If you were to ask who my favourite character(s) are now I would unblinkingly say Psylocke and Songbird. Give me an anti-hero or a Super Villain whose journey led them to the side of “good” any day.
• On my “off-time” you will find me reading either comic books, fantasy or any kind of book. I can also be found cooking and/or baking… my kitchen always smells delicious while having some kind of Marvel/comic book related thing playing in the background.
• I am very commonly known as having the “too-much gene”, which has led me to self-discipline activities like bodybuilding. I do not compete anymore, however, I do like to lift heavy things. Like my boxes of books and bags of flour.

I look forward to getting to know all you and building this community together. If you are interested in finding out more about me, come and engage with me on our social media channels like Facebook.
Sphinx - Si
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