A moment of clarity.

I am a 43 year old man who has been playing video games since hand held red blinking light football. I have high expectaions and am very critical of both quality and gameplay.

Over the last year, Kabam has surprised me. Not by doing the occasional thing they had to, to make something right but consistently doing the right thing.

Some of you may have your bones to pick on specific issues but when push comes to shove I think all of us would be hard pressed to name another game developer and admin team that work so hard to make things right by thier player base.

This isn't even the reason I feel compelled to write this thread though. With all the new champs coming out every month, the diversity and amount of content and the complexity that it offers, I cant think of a single game that requires


  • GhriffinGhriffin Posts: 45
    More skill or knowledge to play. Yeah, sure, sometimes it's hard but the payoff in figuring out the puzzle and overcoming the obstacle in this game is something I have only experienced in MCOC.

    As much as I get salty sometimes. I'd like to personally thank the dev's and Kabam as a whole for giving me the best game I have ever played.
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