Changes to 5-Star Champion Sales

Hey Summoners!

We wanted to make a quick announcement today, to let everyone know of a change coming to The Contest. As of August 30th, 2017, players will no longer be able to sell 5-Stars. When looking at both the small number of players selling 5-Star Champions, and the reasons they were selling 5-Stars, we discovered that a large majority of these sales were either done by accident or by someone trying to sabotage the account of a fellow player. Since 5-Stars are so valuable within The Contest, and since you will soon be earning 6-Star shards, we’re making this change to emphasize the importance and value of these Champions! When 6-Stars become available within The Contest (in 2018) it’s worth noting they will also not have a sale function.

As a reminder, we’ve made several exciting announcements today! If you’ve missed the others, you can find our detailed announcement about Six-Stars here and our latest Uncollected announcement here.

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