6-Star Champions Are Coming To The Contest!

Hey Summoners!

As most of you have just read in today’s latest Uncollected Announcement, 6-Stars will be joining The Contest. We’re very excited to be sharing these details with you much further in advance than we normally announce new content, and while it will be some time before they are playable, you will start to receive 6-Stars as shards and encounter them in quest content before the end of the year. We’ll be sure to provide further updates as we get closer to the release date, but for now we hope you’ll find the following information both exciting and helpful!

Why We’re Releasing 6-Star Champions

As The Contest grows, some of our most dedicated and long-term players are also growing with it. It’s important for us to create new content and new ways that these players can continue to progress in the game, so that there is always more for them to achieve and more for them to do. And while we continue to put out new quest content, make refinements to existing features and add new Champions to the game, 6-Stars are a natural progression of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed to. Think of it like adding another blade to the razor - we’re hitting Mach 6, baby!

If you’re a player that is still working towards a roster of 4-Star or 5-Star Champions, this is also good news for you - while not as immediately relevant, it means you too have a long path of options and content ahead of you. You’re not going to run out of stuff to do any time soon!

Exciting Things on the Horizon!

A lot of really great things are coming with the release of 6-Stars, so it’s time to get excited! 4 and 5-Star Champions will become more accessible within the game! It will be more beneficial and exciting to dupe 5-Stars! 6-Stars have a new feature that is entirely unique, in the same way that 5-Stars have the extra damage mini-game. Rank-up materials for 5-Stars will become more available in The Contest, and we’re changing the rank-up recipe for 5-Stars by reducing the amount of Tier 5 Basics needed to go from Rank 4 to Rank 5, from 4 to 2! We’ll be adding a new arena for 6-Stars once they are playable, and you’ll slowly start to face off against them in in-game content.

Timeline of Release

As mentioned in our latest Uncollected Announcement today Summoners will start to earn 6-Star shards upon duping 5-Stars pretty quickly. You’ll all have your first chance to see 6-Stars in action in mid to late fall, where you will face off against them in some of our new Quest Content first.

After that, we expect that 6 Stars will become playable within The Contest in early 2018.

A Longer ‘Heads Up’ Than Normal

We wanted to announce this change further in advance based on previous feedback we’ve received for announcements, and this was a great opportunity for us to act on that feedback. We’ve also got some exciting new 5-Star initiatives and deals coming up, and it was important to us that we ensure players have a full understanding of how The Contest will be evolving over time, when deciding if certain event rewards or certain deals are worth their time or investment. Both 4 and 5-Star Champions will remain very powerful and very valuable within The Contest, but we realize that players may want to know 6-Stars are coming, all the same.

As we continually work to improve our communication with players, there will be certain features (such as 6-Stars) that we’re able to announce further in advance than others. This does not mean that all future features will be announced this far ahead, and it will mean that we may not yet be able to immediately answer all of your questions as we tune some details - but we’ll answer what we can. Some details will still be up for finalization and as a result we’ll opt not to share that information until we’re ready. Read on for what we are able to share with all of you immediately!

Obtaining 6-Star Champions

As the most powerful Champions in the game, 6-Stars will be difficult to obtain. However we do not have any immediate plans to flat out sell 6-stars, and likely won’t for quite some time after their release. Instead, 6-Stars can be obtained by earning shards when you Dupe 5-Stars - 275 6-Star shards each time, and you will need 10,000 to purchase a 6-Star Hero Crystal when it is eventually released. For the immediate future, this will be the only way to obtain 6-Stars - but we do have plans to eventually include small amounts of 6-Star shards as rewards in some in-game events as well. Later in this post, we’ll be discussing how we’re increasing the availability of 5-Stars within the game - something that will be immediately relevant to how you obtain 6-Stars.

Any 5-Star Champions that are duped from August 30th onward will receive 6-Star shards as a result. We will not be granting previously duped 5-Star champs 6-Star shards. We are giving players a significantly long lead time on this change in order to prepare, and as a result will not be doing retroactive grants.

6-Star Champions and the Featured Hero Arenas

Upon their release, 6-Star Champions will not be usable in the Featured Hero arenas. While this will change in time (similar to the release pattern of 5-Star Champions), our goal was to ensure that players are not suddenly finding themselves competing against stacked odds. Once 6-Stars are usable in the Arenas, it will be in an entirely new arena. We don’t have a current estimation of when this will roll out, but will share more details on that once 6-Stars have become playable in the game.

5-Star Champions: More Accessible, More Rank-Up Opportunities

As part of this progression, players will start to see more opportunities to obtain 5-Star Champions. You have seen a slight increase in the amount of shards given as rewards in Event Quests, 5-Star shards have already started to show up in log-in Calendar rewards, and we’ll be increasing the availability of 4-Star champions - meaning it will become even easier to earn 5-Star shards by duping 4-Stars. In addition to all of these changes, Special Event Content ( ie Stark Assignments and the Web-Slinger Challenge) will contain 5-Star shards. We will continue to look at more ways to increase how players obtain both 4 and 5-Star Champions as part of this natural progression.

Rank up materials for 5-Star champions will also be more easily obtained. T4 Catalysts and T2 Alphas will be easier to obtain. We will be releasing Tier 5 Basic Catalysts before 6-Stars are playable. We will be reducing the number of T5B needed by players in order to rank up their 5-Star champions as well, from 4 to 2. The addition of 5-Star Rank-up materials to AQ rewards and the improvements made to the Glory Store are two ways we have already started doing this. More updates to both AQ rewards and the Glory Store are to come.

The Uncollected daily crystal gives advanced players even more ways to earn these rank-up materials, and T4 class catalysts have been added to calendar and event rewards. As with 5-Star availability, we will continue to look for more ways we can get upgrade materials into the hands of players that want them.
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